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Italian Beef Food Truck Naperville

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AJ Kaps serves delicious Italian beef sandwiches in addition to our famous Smashburgers, Cheesy Bacon Dawgs and BLTs along with favorite sides like Cheese Fries, Greek Fries and Cheese Curds!

Are you planning to host an outdoor event for your family, friends, civic organization, athletic team, business or neighborhood? There’s no better solution to your food service needs than booking a food truck from the experts at FTF Mobile. (Especially if you’re a fan of classic Italian beef!)

Our Kappy’s Italian is a delish combo of thin-sliced, juicy Italian beef topped with onions, peppers, mozzarella and hot Chicago giardiniera all on a fresh French roll.

Efficient, Affordable, Delicious – Book an Italian Beef Food Truck Naperville Today

Along with the obvious appeal of the great food items you’re attendees will enjoy, another benefit to scheduling a food truck is simply the convenience.

While traditional catering companies can serve quality meals, there is also the issue of how long your guests will need to wait before dining. With a food truck, our experienced staff prepares every meal and has it ready to serve on-demand when guests are ready for it. This enables them to focus on interacting with one another and having a good time rather than waiting at a table to eat. Not only is the fare delicious and prepared fresh on location, but the prompt efficiency with which it is made ensures that each guest is satisfied.

And when your event winds down, you won’t need to worry about cleaning up, putting away tables and chairs and what to do with leftover food. Our mobile eatery team takes care of all that so you can relax at your party.

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