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Taco Truck Evanston IL

If you are among the many foodies in Chicagoland who enjoys the tasty options available from food trucks and street vendors, then you’ll definitely like the fare served by FTF Mobile’s Taco Truck Evanston IL. Our take on the famous traditional Mexican cuisine is simply delicious and will be a sure favorite among the guests at your event.

However, there’s a lot more to know about tacos than just their great flavor. Read on for a few interesting facts about tacos:

-Although there may be some uncertainty regarding when the first tacos were created, many food historians estimate that the earliest forms of what we now recognize as tacos were invented sometime before 500 B.C. The word “taco” came about many years later. The first documented references to the word came about during the 1800s. It was in the early 1900s when it began to enter the lexicon in the USA.

A Taco Truck Evanston IL is ideal for Your Next Outdoor Event

-The largest taco ever was created in November 2011, in Mexico. The gigantic delight measured an amazing 246 feet in length and featured carnitas as its filling.

-Don’t forget National Taco Day. It’s officially on Oct. 4. But any day is a great day to enjoy a treat from our Taco Truck Evanston IL!

-The first taco trucks to appear in the USA were in New York City. Most did not have a full-service kitchen yet and were used primarily for catering.

-The first appearance of tacos was possibly in San Antonio, TX. Way back in 1905, tacos began to appear in the USA thanks to the San Antonio Chili Queens. They were a group of enterprising women who introduced the traditional Mexican food stands to that Texas city.

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